Flight Instructors & Office Staff

Flight Instructors:

Our flight instructors have years of flight experience and are dedicated to providing quality flight instruction tailored to meet your learning style.


Alec Ticherich

Certificates and Ratings: CFI / CFII / Commercial Pilot / Multi Engine / Instrument

I’ve never wanted to do a job that had me stuck behind a desk in an office, and I’ve always wanted to travel, so I thought, what better way to achieve these goals than a career in aviation? When all my friends were deciding on where to go for college and what they wanted to do for a career, I made the decision to formally pursue aviation both academically and as a trade. Fast forward 4 years later and I remain as excited as ever about my decision to join the aviation industry and I am grateful for the excellent training I received at Ohio University. I’m now thrilled to be in sunny California teaching full time for CFI. I look forward to helping others achieve their goals in aviation whether it is purely recreational or a desire to go all the way to the airlines, we can make that happen.


Kyle Stisher

Certificates and Ratings: CFI / Commercial Pilot / Multi Engine / Instrument

Aviation has always been a dream of mine, to fly with the birds up in the clouds. As a kid and teenager I always looked at it aesthetically, big planes, cool guys in aviators, the things you see in movies. Then as I dove head first into becoming a pilot, I realized that obviously there is so much more to the world of aviation. In my training, I learned so many different skills in my progression, and I hope to share all those skills with you.


Eric Bensinger

Certificates and Ratings: CFI / CFII / Commercial Pilot / Instrument

Since I could remember, I have always wanted to be a pilot. My dad- an airline pilot himself- has supported my love for aviation. I started my training with a family friend in his Cessna 180 tail-wheel. After a brief hiatus, I completed all Private Pilot License here at Camarillo Flight Instruction. Today, I have my Commercial Pilots license with Flight Instructor Instrument privileges. Aside from flying, I enjoy running track and traveling the world. I'm a 2017 Westlake High School graduate and currently attending university at Channel Islands University. My goals are to complete college and continue to work is the aviation industry!



Jeff Barkes

Certificates and Ratings: CFI / CFII / Commercial Pilot / Instrument

For as long as I could remember, airplanes have fascinated me. Recently married, I started flight training in 1992 at Santa Monica Airport. I obtained my Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating and was working towards my Commercial Certificate when the realization that a career in aviation wasn’t in the cards. At the time, I had eye surgery and no airline would consider an applicant since they didn’t know the long term effects. I gave up on the dream and started a family. After 20+ years away from flying and my 2 wonderful children now grown and in college, I decided to re-ignite the passion and work towards my CFI. I finished my Commercial, CFI, and CFII here at Camarillo Flight Instruction and am thrilled to be here teaching others. It never gets old to see the expression when someone takes to the sky for the first time!





Jack Pollock

Certificates and Ratings: CFI / Commercial Pilot / Instrument

Flying has always been a desire. I first soloed in 1975. Then came family, career and several corporate relocations. Thirty years later, in 2005 I again had the opportunity and privilege to pursue flying and obtained my private license. Flying is an environment of continual learning. This aspect ultimately led me to become a CFI. Flight instruction has been a great way to share my passion and enthusiasm for flight. Flying also can provide unique adventures. In connection with obtaining a seaplane rating, I had the opportunity to fly a seaplane on pure floats from Minneapolis Minnesota to Lake Pierce Florida. Fly-ins and fly-outs are great experiences and give you the opportunity to meet the most interesting people. In the interest of continuing education, I am working on my CFII.


Michael Linn

Chief Instructor
Certificates and Ratings: CFI / CFII / Commercial Pilot / Multi Engine / Instrument

I knew I wanted to be a pilot from a very young age; playing with Lego bricks I would assemble all sorts of flying machines and space ships. At the age of fourteen, I approached my parents with the idea of taking flying lessons and, knowing my passion for it, they said yes. When I turned sixteen I soloed, and at the age of seventeen I had a pilot’s license. While attending college in San Diego, I continued building hours and experience; adding instrument, commercial, multi-engine and flight instructor privileges to my license. By 2008 I made my way back to Camarillo and continued my passion for flying by receiving a checkout with a local flight school. Having flown out of several flight schools in San Diego, I soon realized that Camarillo lacked what most other airports seemed to have, a great place to rent aircraft and learn to fly. So I set out to buy an airplane and, with my instructor certificate, teach others my passion. I could never have predicted what would come of it, today, a wonderful array of aircraft and a fantastic group of flight instructors to work with, I'm humbled by our success and look forward to continuing to offer pilots a great place to learn and fly.

Office Staff:


Diana Knoob

Flight Desk

As a new member to the aviation industry, I quickly became intrigued with how this whole world works. Growing up in Ventura County, you see planes in and out of the Camarillo Airport but never really think twice about it, until now! This is an entire new world and a fascinating one at that! I am a people person and love the interaction in meeting new people and developing relationships. As Flight Desk Associate, I will be the friendly face you see before you hit the skies! I look forward to watching each student accomplish their achievements!


Nathan Saldana

Office Assistant
Certificates and Ratings: Private Pilot

Growing up, I knew I wanted to fly airplanes. Going to airshows and seeing jets roar by sparked my interest in aviation. I am currently a senior at Thousand Oaks High School, and have my Private Pilots License which I earned here at Camarillo Flight Instruction, with the help of our friendly and competent team. I am working on getting my Instrument Rating, along with many others before I go into the United States Marine Corps to pursue my dream of flying fighter jets.