Camarillo Flight Instructors

Flight Instructors:

Our flight instructors have years of flight experience and are dedicated to providing quality flight instruction tailored to meet your learning style.

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Brandon Easton

Certificates and Ratings: CFI / CFII / Commercial Pilot / Instrument

I became interested in aviation through skydiving and started my path towards becoming a professional aviator in late 2015 and haven’t looked back since. I hail from the Mid-West but have become adapted to the California lifestyle, and certainly don’t think there is a better place to fly than Ventura County. I enjoy the challenge each different day brings and seeing students achieve their goals while having fun. One of the great things about aviation is that we are all constantly learning. Currently, I am in pursuit of my Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautics and working to earn my Multi Engine rating. I look forward to sharing my passion with and helping people to surpass their goals in and out of the cockpit.

David Tushin

Certificates and Ratings: CFI / CFII / Commercial Pilot / Instrument

Like most, my fascination with flying began at a young age, when I would accompany a family friend on local flights. Later on, I had the unique opportunity to work within the corporate side of aviation. My journey to becoming a pilot commenced in 2001, but it wasn't until last year that I decided in to pursue my passion full-time. I obtained my Private Pilot Certificate at Camarillo Flight Instruction in April 2017, then completed my instrument rating three months later. I also received an Advanced & Instrument Ground Instructor Certificate so I could use my passion to assist others in achieving their goals. Currently, I am working towards completing my certificates and ratings with the objective of becoming an industry professional. When I'm not instructing, I volunteer for Angel Flight and fly into new airports in search for the best "100 dollar hamburger".


Rob Mork

Certificates and Ratings: CFI / Commercial Pilot / Instrument

My first flight behind the controls was October 2010, while living in Las Vegas... but I was hooked on the idea of being a professional pilot years before that!  After running a music store at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport for several years, among other professional pursuits, the idea of flying began to give me pilot fever. Then one day it hit me, "I can be whatever I want to be... This is America!"  I went back to school and earned a degree in Aviation Technology and sought to begin my career in Professional Aeronautics.  Having received all my certificates and ratings while working as dispatcher at my flight school, my responsibilities grew to day to day operations, and eventually, Certified Flight Instructor.  Now, I have returned home to Thousand Oaks where all of my true passions are being realized... Teaching airplanes in California and being a part of a truly special business, Camarillo Flight Instruction!

Rob Mork

Alex Loegering

Certificates and Ratings: CFI / CFII / Commercial Pilot / Multi Engine / Instrument

When I was young, I heard stories about my grandfather flying fighters in WWII and Korea, and became enthralled with aviation. A trip to San Francisco’s Fleet Week to see the Blue Angels, and watching Top Gun 25 times solidified what I wanted to do when I “grew up.” After a round-about way of getting into aviation, involving the military and the wine industry, I took my first flight lesson in 2010, and started my flying career out of Camarillo in 2015. I’m currently working on my Bachelor’s of Science in Aviation, and I’m always looking for an opportunity to learn a new airframe, or fly somewhere new that will give me more experience; I love sharing my passion for aviation, and I hope it’s as infectious for you as it is for me.

Jack Pollock

Certificates and Ratings: CFI / Commercial Pilot / Instrument

Flying has always been a desire. I first soloed in 1975. Then came family, career and several corporate relocations. Thirty years later, in 2005 I again had the opportunity and privilege to pursue flying and obtained my private license. Flying is an environment of continual learning. This aspect ultimately led me to become a CFI. Flight instruction has been a great way to share my passion and enthusiasm for flight. Flying also can provide unique adventures. In connection with obtaining a seaplane rating, I had the opportunity to fly a seaplane on pure floats from Minneapolis Minnesota to Lake Pierce Florida. Fly-ins and fly-outs are great experiences and give you the opportunity to meet the most interesting people. In the interest of continuing education, I am working on my CFII.


Michael Linn

Chief Instructor
Certificates and Ratings: CFI / CFII / Commercial Pilot / Multi Engine / Instrument

I knew I wanted to be a pilot from a very young age; playing with Lego bricks I would assemble all sorts of flying machines and space ships. At the age of fourteen, I approached my parents with the idea of taking flying lessons and, knowing my passion for it, they said yes. When I turned sixteen I soloed, and at the age of seventeen I had a pilot’s license. While attending college in San Diego, I continued building hours and experience; adding instrument, commercial, multi-engine and flight instructor privileges to my license. By 2008 I made my way back to Camarillo and continued my passion for flying by receiving a checkout with a local flight school. Having flown out of several flight schools in San Diego, I soon realized that Camarillo lacked what most other airports seemed to have- a great place to rent aircraft and learn to fly. So I set out to buy an airplane and, with my instructor certificate, teach others my passion. I could never have predicted what would come of it- today, a wonderful array of aircraft and a fantastic group of flight instructors to work with, I'm humbled by our success and look forward to continuing to offer pilots a great place to learn and fly.

Michael Linn

Jeroen Leroy

Certificates and Ratings: CFI / CFII / MEI / Commercial Pilot / Multi Engine / Instrument

I was intrigued by aviation at an early age. As a teenager I managed to convince my parents to enroll me in weekend flight training, starting me on a journey which would ultimately provide me with some of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I received my initial flight instructor certification in 1999, followed by instrument and multi-engine instructor ratings. Currently I am working on my tailwheel endorsement and hope to add a sea plane rating within the coming year. That’s what I love about aviation; it is a constant learning experience, one which I enjoy sharing with others.


Nyasha Gusta

Certificates and Ratings: CFI / Commercial Pilot / Instrument

Nyasha spent the majority of his childhood in Zimbabwe dreaming about becoming a pilot. Part of the first generation to be born after colonial rule, the “born-free” generation, he was ambitious from a young age, setting his mind on an education and on a sustainable career. He was awarded an academic scholarship at 16 to study in New York where he eventually earned his MBA.
Today, Nyasha is a commercially rated pilot and flight instructor with multiengine and instrument privileges. He also volunteers for Aeromedicos of Santa Barbara, a nonprofit healthcare organization consisting of medical personnel, pilots, mechanics, translators, and other volunteers. Every month, the Aeromedicos team flies missions to remote parts of Mexico in order to provide free medical and dental care to people who would otherwise go untreated.
Nyasha hopes through his actions to inspire children in Africa to follow their dreams.In 2014, he founded PiLAB Africa, an organization that installs Raspberry Pi’s in poor neighborhoods across Africa. In 2020, he plans on becoming the first African to fly around the world in a single-engine piston aircraft. During that flight, the message will be clear: don’t give up on yourselves! Nyasha, after all, never did.


Office Staff:


Kaitlin Malinowski

Flight Desk

As a new member to the aviation industry, I quickly became intrigued with how this whole world works. Growing up in Ventura County, you see planes in and out of the Camarillo Airport but never really think twice about it, until now! This is an entire new world and a fascinating one at that! My background is in Retail Store Management and customer service, I am a people person and love the interaction in meeting new people and developing relationships. As Flight Desk Associate, I will be the friendly face you see before you hit the skies! I look forward to watching each student accomplish their achievements!


Eric Bensinger

Office Assistant
Certificates and Ratings: Private Pilot

Since I could remember, I have always wanted to be a pilot. My dad- a commercial pilot himself-has supported my love for aviation. I started my training with a family friend in his Cessna 180 tail-wheel. After a brief hiatus, I completed my private pilot certificate here at Camarillo Flight Instruction. I'm now in the process of achieving my instrument rating. Aside from flying, I enjoy running track and traveling the world. I'm a 2017 Westlake High School graduate and plan on attending college at Channel Islands University in the fall. My goals are to complete college and continue to work is the aviation industry!