Diamond DA-40 XL

Diamond DA40 XL
2006 Diamond Aircraft


Make Diamond Aircraft
Model DA40
Seats 4
Engine 180 HP Lycoming
Wingspan 39 ft 2 in
Height 6 ft 6 in
Wing Load 17.4 lbs / sq foot
Cruse 148 kts
Fuel 50 gal
Climb Rate 1,120 FPM
Ceiling 13,100 ft
Range 700+ Miles
Avionics and Features
Avionics G1000 Glass Cockpit
Certified IFR
Autopilot GFC 700
Weather XM Satellite Weather
Traffic Active Traffic
Terrain TWAS
Engine Engine Monitor
Interior Leather
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Diamond DA-40XL:

Diamond's are known for great visibility, fuel efficiency and pilot-friendly handling characteristics, our feature-rich DA40XL is no exception.

G1000 Synthetic Vision:

Garmin changed the equation when they released the G1000 avionics suite; synthetic vision technology (SVT) changed it yet again. The integrated flight deck pierces the darkest nights, fog, rain, haze or even solid IFR conditions. Using sophisticated graphics modeling, SVT recreates a visual topographic landscape from the G1000 system’s terrain-alerting database. The resulting virtual reality display offers pilots a supplemental 3-D depiction of airports, ground and water features, obstacles and traffic; all shown in relative proximity to the aircraft. So situational orientation is far easier and less stressful.

When flying in areas where rising terrain, obstacles, or other aircraft pose a hazard, Garmin SVT uses its terrain-alerting database to colorize the landscape, clearly showing with yellow, amber or red overlays those areas where potential flight-into-terrain risks exist. Traffic targets are depicted in 3-D, so you can visually gauge how high and how close they actually are.

In addition to identifying runways and distant airports in graphical perspective, SVT also helps simplify navigation by creating a 3-dimensional “pathway” view on the G1000 PFD, showing enroute, terminal procedures, and ILS and GPS approaches — all laid out in front of the aircraft as “boxes” on the display.

PowerFlow Exhaust:

Our newest DA40 is sporting a specially tuned exhaust designed specifically for the Star’s injected Lycoming IO-360, the PowerFlow system works wonders at recovering the horsepower that’s normally lost to an inefficient exhaust system. Reduced back pressure, and the final system wound up delivering about an extra 23 additional horsepower. Incidentally, that doesn’t mean the certified, 180 hp engine now delivers 203 hp. The airplane is still certified for for a max 180 hp, its that the tuned exhaust merely recovers the horsepower normally lost to such as starter, alternator and other power-grabbing accessories.

High-Intensity Lights:

The softspot on pervious modles was limited landing and taxi lights, not any longer. Diamond fitted high-intensity discharge (HID) taxi and landing lights for all hour operations. 

Addtional Features:

Back inside the cabin, our Diamond features electrically adjustable rudder pedals on both sides as standard, AmSafe inflatable seat-belt restraints and an electric CO2 detector. Standard avionics in addition to the G1000 is the most sofiscistaced autopilot around, the GFC 700. They include traffic, XM weather and GPS-based terrain warnings. Additional Garmin functionality includes a full-screen engine monitoring page and wind vectors on the PFD. Safety-enhancing features as active traffic, satellite weather, TAWS-B and a 406 MHz ELT are all stuffed inside.