Piper Arrow

Piper Arrow
Piper Arrow


Make Piper Aircraft
Model PA-28R-200
Seats 4
Engine 200 HP Lycoming
Prop Constant Speed
Wingspan 35.4 ft
Height 7 ft 11 in
Wing Load 16.2 lbs / sq foot
Cruse 143 kts @ 75%
Fuel 48 gal
Climb Rate 831 FPM
Ceiling 16,200 ft
Range 848 + Miles
Avionics and Features
Avionics Garmin 696
Certified IFR
Terrain TWAS
Interior Leather


P.O.H. (2.82 MB)
Printable Record Logs
VOR Check
excel Weight and Balance

The Piper Arrow:

The Arrow is at its heart a retractable Archer or Warrior, it is for many the next logical step-up airplane for pilots who want to fly a faster, complex, retractable gear aircraft. Everything will be familiar, from gauge placement to handling and to some degree the procedures.

Piper originally invisioned the Arrow in its marketing model to train pilots in the Warrior, eventually graduating them to four-place retractables from the same blood line.

The Arrow cruise speed is 151 knots, and offers a generous max gross weight, while consuming 9 to 12 gallons per hour. A Cessna Cardinal RG or Grumman Tiger will fly slower and carry a smaller load making the Arrow a far more popular choice.

Flight Characteristics:

The Arrow handles much like any PA-28, which is to say it’s fairly benign. The Arrow is not a short take off and land airplane, but it doesn’t eat up unnecessary runway either. When lowering the gear, the Arrow’s gear serves as an effective speed brake. The gear extension limit is close to the cruise speed, so descents aren’t the problem.

The avionics package on our model is equipped for instrument flight rules (IFR) operations. It includes dual navigation/communication/VOR indicators, glideslope receiver, Garmin 696 with XM Weather, and four-place intercom served by a 12-volt electrical system.