Learn to Fly

Why Camarillo Flight Instruction?

Flying is freedom - the freedom to go where you want, when you want; or simply to go nowhere and be above it all... and it's more attainable than you think!

Deciding where to complete your training can be a difficult decision. Aircraft type and availability, instructor experience, and the school's training style and reputation should align with your personal goals. We're confident that the flight training you receive at Camarillo Flight Instruction will be the best available. Not convinced? Check out our reviews on Yelp!

We believe in options when it comes to rental aircraft, which is why we operate the most diverse training fleet in the Ventura County area. At Camarillo Flight Instruction, you'll feel like you're learning in your own personal aircraft; not your typical dingy flight school plane that doubles as a flying billboard. We offer various late-model Cessna and Piper aircraft equipped with classic analog gauges, as well as our Diamond aircraft with the technilogically advanced G1000 "glass" cockpit. Choosing to train with us is the next best decision you can make, whether you want to fly just for fun or as the start of an exciting career!

Our staff is passionate and committed to providing you with the best experience possible. From our office staff and mechanics (also certificated pilots!) to our certified flight instructors, we live and breathe aviation. Unlike other schools, our instructors aren't just passing through on their way to another job; they are industry professionals that train students simply because they love doing so. No hidden motives means your flight training experience and valuable training dollar is maximized.

We’re based at a relatively small but lively airport... Camarillo Airport (KCMA) is an ideal base of operations for a student pilot. It's small enough that you will not feel intimidated by a fleet of huge corporate aircraft or airline traffic, yet big enough and active enough to give you plenty of real-world flying experience. Great organizations such as the Civil Air Patrol and the Ventura County 99’s, as well as the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) and Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) are all based locally on the on the field.

Interested in becoming and aircraft owner? Although we aren't a sales center, we’re here to offer friendly and unbiased advise if you're ready to step up to aircraft ownership. Utilize us for advice on making your next great purchase, aircraft maintenance, and possible leaseback opportunities.

When you look skyward, you see people taking care of business, families starting out on a vacation, and people with the coolest job of all- pilots. Come be part of the sky— let's go flying!