Private Pilots License

Learning to fly is more than textbook knowledge and passing a test. Aeronautical decision-making, mental decipline, cordination, and application of extensive knowledge are combine to make each flight safe, efficen and fun. Our custom training program focuses on these topics through an experienced-based approach to learning. Like most things in life, there is no single way to accomplish a task, some methods are just more effective than others. Our students are taught to think and make decision as pilot in command from the very beginning. Our professional flight instructors provide guidance and a safe environment for the student to explore. Instead of telling students what to do, we give the student the tools to make informed dcisions and to evaluate the best course of action.

Instrument Rating

Few people seek out the bad weather to go fly in, but that’s exactly how we train and prepare what will utimatly become well qualified, safe instrument pilots. There is no substitute for training in actual IMC (Instrument Meteriological Conditions), so we try to expose you to as much variety as possible so that you are a safe, proficient pilot. Instrument flying is about becoming a good systems manager, and since 90% of instrument flying is utilizing systems and resources effectively, we include the use of aircraft simulators so that you become comfortable with navigating the menus and using the autopilot to reduce workload, we then transfer those skills to the airplane and solidify your understanding of the IFR system. Instead of approach after approach at the same airport, each lesson includes a mission for the student to plan and execute. This ensures risk management and aeronautical decision making is evaluated every lesson in addition to the procedural requirements of instrument flying.

Commercial Rating

After becoming a Private Pilot, perhaps you are ready to join the ranks of professional aviators? In addition to FAA-required subject areas, our Commercial Pilot Course prepares you for real-world commercial flying. Upon completion, you will have the knowledge and experience to successfully transition to a commercial pilot position, not simply pass the exam. As commercial pilots ourselves we know exactly how to best prepare you for the world of commercial aviation. Whether you aspire to fly corporate jets or for the airlines, our custom syllabus focuses on applying your skills and knowledge to Part 135 and Part 121 operations. Every lesson is presented as a mission that you must plan and complete at PIC. Much like the training programs at the world's best airlines, this form of training allows you to identify resources, mitigate risks and determine the safest and most efficient outcome for every flight.

Certified Flight Instructor Certificate

Passing knowledge and experience on to an aspiring pilot is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences in aviation. At CFI we prepare applicants to be the best instructor possible. Not only do flight instructors need to have detailed knowledge and understanding of all subject areas but must also convey that information in a matter that best matches the student's learning style. Our Flight Instructor Courses address this through role-playing and extensive practice with our experienced instructors. Of equal importance we address professionalism and demeanor in every lesson to ensure a well-rounded program covering both Initial and Instrument Add-On courses.