Flying to Catalina Island:

Picture: Catalina Island's only hanger.

Catalina Airport:

Catalina Airport is about 60 nm direct, flying from Camarillo to the 'Airport in the Sky'. The airport was originally constructed as a military outpost during World War II for training, covert operations and coastal defense. It takes about 35 minutes from wheels up to wheels down. The airfield is privately owned by the Catalina Conservancy, it is non-towered, and only has one runway. The airport has an on-field restaurant that offers some excellent choices, including their famous buffalo burger. The downside is that the airport charges a landing fee of $25, which we think is a bit high considering most airports don’t charge any fee at all. However, they do offer a annual pass, which gives you unlimited landings, and a free cookie each time you visit.


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Catalina Island Conservancy:


Picture: Catalina Island's Southeast Side


Picture: Two Harbors, Looking South