Flying the Central Coast:

Picture: Flying just east of Santa Ynez, climbing toward Santa Barbara in the Piper Warrior.

The Central Coast:

From Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz exists California much as it once was. Some of our favorite airports to fly into are:

Santa Ynez:

Located in a beautiful wine country, Santa Ynez is a great place to visit for the weekend. The town is just down the street and the Chumash Casino is less than a mile from the airport. If you have the time the town of Solvang is just over three miles away and has some incredible architecture.

(only 54nm direct)
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Santa Maria:

Quiet airport, with great park to relax across the road. There is a Mexican restaurant, not our favorite place to eat, but closer than other airports.
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Directly next the beach in Morro Bay, offers complimentary bikes to get around and a great Mexican restaurant nearby. Pismo beach is just down the road and offers a great place to set up a picnic lunch.
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Monterey Peninsula:

Home to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Carmel, Pebble Beach and Big Sur.
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San Luis Obispo:

College town with tons of awesome restaurants, but also has a great airport restaurant if you don’t feel like staying long. The FBO there offers incredible service and if you are just there for the day there are no tie down fees.
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Picture: Piper Archer in San Luis Obispo.