Instrument Rating: Complete Course

Instrument Rating

Complete FAA Instrument Rating Package

An instrument rating can be one of the most useful tools in your pilot bag, the one thing we can predict about the weather is that it can be unpredictable, an instrument rating can get you off the ground on those early mornings when a marine layer traps most pilots, or it can get you home when clouds and visibility send others dirverting.

Camarillo Flight Instruction is pleased to offer the:
FAA Instrument Rating Package – like the private pilot pacakge, this is an all inclusive package designed to provide all the training typically needed by the average student to achieve their instrument rating.

What’s Included:

Whats Included:

45 Total Hours, consisting of:• 35 Hours of in Aircraft Time
• 15 Hours of Advanced Simulator Training
• 90 Total Hours of Instruction

Also Includes...

All Course Materials (View Limiting Device, Online Ground School, Instrument Flying Book)
+ Phase Check flights with Chief Flight Instructor.
+ FAA Written and Practical Testing & Examination Fees
(Not Included: Prerequisites or Additional Flights and or Training if Needed)


Basic Requirements:

FAA Requirements:
• FAA Medical
• Pass the FAA Knowledge Written Examination (70% is a minimum passing grade)
• 40 hours of flight traning (holds, tracking, shooting approaches, communication procedures,etc.)

• 50 Hours of Cross Country Time
• Hold a Private Pilot Certificate
• TSA Approval if required must be obtained prior starting program (if not a US Citizen)

Club 805 Package Price: $10,500

(Non-Club Price: $12,500)

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