Discovery Flights:

Introductory Flight Lessons

An introductory flight lesson is a fun and affordable way to experience the thrill of flying. Although it’s called an introduction, it actually counts as your first flight lesson toward earning a pilot license.

After a brief discussion on basic aerodynamics, flight procedures, and a preflight inspection, you will depart from Camarillo Airport in one of our popular training aircraft- the Piper Warrior, Piper Archer, or Cessna 172 and soar above our local mountains, cities, and beaches.

Included with our Ultimate Discovery Flight is your very own hardbound pilot logbook with the record of your first flight lesson.


If you wish to continue your flight training, we’ll get you setup with a instructor to oversee your training, recommend a home study course, books. We’ll also help you get setup with our online scheduling software and discuss any additional questions you may have.

We offer three different introductory flight training packages:

Basic Discovery Flight: Includes 1 hour with an instructor and up to 30 minutes of airplane time, in one of our training aircraft.
Buy: Basic Discovery Flight

Discovery Flight Plus+, includes choice of flying in a Piper or Cessna, 1.5 hours with an instructor and up to 60 minutes of aircraft time:
Buy: Discovery Flight Plus+

Ultimate Discovery Flight, 2 hours with a flight instructor, up to 60 minutes of aircraft time, flight in the Diamond Star DA40, and hardbound professional logbook:
Buy: Ultimate Discovery Flight



To purchase an Introductory Flight, call, email or buy on line:

1 (805) 233-7601 -- ~ Buy Online

* Flight time is from engine start to engine shut down, including taxi and run-up.
** For flight with passengers, weight limits limits may apply.
*** Hardbound Logbook with Ultimate Discovery Flight upon request.
**** Introductory flights are limited to Ventura, Santa Barbara, or Los Angeles County residents without prior flight experience in the previous 12 months and are at least 15 years old.