Private Pilot: Complete Course

Private Pilot Course

Complete FAA Certified Private Pilot Training Package – Custom Schedule

While there are many paths you can take to achieve your FAA Private Pilots License, one thing is certain: pair a committed hardworking student with a team of dedicated flight instructors and the success rate climbs – condense the training into a shorter period and adhere to rigorous plan, and not only does the rate of success climb even higher, but the core competency of the resulting pilot is stronger and the student can save significant time and money along the way.

For those that want to take advantage of this tried and true method of flight training, Camarillo Flight Instruction is pleased to offer the Complete FAA Certified Private Pilot Training Package – Custom Schedule: an inclusive package designed to provide all the training typically needed by the average student to achieve their private pilots license with training on the days and times that work best for the student.

What’s Included:

Whats Included:

55 Total Hours, consisting of:• 45 Hours of in air flight time (35 with an instructor / 10 solo)
• 45 Hours of Ground Instruction
• 10 Hours of Advanced Simulator Training
For a total of 100 Hours of Flight Training!


Also Includes...

All Course Materials (Books, E6B Calculator, Kneeboard, Pilot Headset, Online Ground School, Flight Bag)
Pre-Solo & Pre-Check-ride Phase Check flights with Chief Flight Instructor.
(Not Included: FAA Testing / Examination Fees and cost of any additional training if included hours are exceeded.)


Basic Requirements:

FAA Private Pilot Requirements:
• FAA Medical Examination
• Pass the FAA Knowledge Written Examination (70% is a minimum passing grade)
• 40 hours of flight time
• Must be able to read, speak, and easily understand English
• 16 years old to fly solo with a student pilot certificate, and 17 years old to get a pilot’s license
• TSA Approval if required must be obtained prior starting program (if not a US Citizen)

Club 805 Package Price: $13,500

(Non-Club Price: $14,250)


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